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2021 SiteGround Hosting Review

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SiteGround Reviews: Is Their Web Hosting Really That Great
SiteGround is most definitely a really great web hosting company. But before we justify our answer, let’s give some background details about the company.

SiteGround was commenced in the year 2004. Since then the web host company has become one of the most popular in the entire world.
With its headquarter in Sofia, data centers in 3 continents and offices in six locations, the company currently has over 400 employees. Above all, the company hosts over 800,000 domains.
Attractive features of SiteGround include:
• Free transfer support
• 99.9% uptime guarantee
• 30-day money back guarantee
• Recommended by WordPress
• 24/7 tech support
• Free everyday backup
• Knowledgeable and friendly customer support
• Highly affordable
These features justify why many forums and blogs recommend SiteGround. Likewise, Drupal, Joomla and WordPress.org do recommend this hosting company.
That’s not bad. It shows the services this company offers are impressive. But how impressive are these services?
Is it fast loads, additional premium features, good customer support or decent uptime?
Let’s find out.
In order to justify our review, in May 2015 we bought a “Start-Up Plan” from SiteGround. We created a default WordPress web.

The Start-Up plan has some basic features and doesn’t include other caching plugin. However, within a year, we observed their overall performance, speed and uptime of our website. Similarly, we analyzed their support to check for misbehaviors or flaws.
Here are our findings:
We will start with the pros
1. High Uptime of 99.99%
First, SiteGround doesn’t use the ready-made software. Instead, they use in-house crafted solutions. Their move has helped the company provide top-quality hosting experience to customers.
The company builds their platform on Linux containers. This has provided exceptional stability in case of unplanned traffic changes.
Did you know that SiteGround was the first company to introduce the “account isolation” tech for customer security? Well, if you didn’t, now you do.
The company came up with a proactive server. This is a system for checking their servers after every 0.5 seconds. In addition, the system solves any problem proactively with zero human intervention. This leads to an amazing uptime.
So, out of our experience, we can comfortably state that SiteGround has an average uptime of 99.99 percent. This rate is 0.05 percent higher than the industry standard of 99.4 percent.

2. Top-10 load time of 716ms
Within the 12 months experience with the Start-up plan, we noted a 716ms page loading times. This figure is higher than the average load times of 890ms from other website hosts.
716ms is impressive, perhaps the fasted we have come across.
Besides, the load time is highly consistent. We didn’t experience slow loading times or spikes at all.

3. Responsive and highly knowledgeable support
Unlike other web hosts we’ve used, we found that SiteGround has the best customer service. This is not to forget that the company processes more than 1,500+ tickets, 2,000 + chat, and 800+ phone calls daily.
The company has really high number of staff in the customer support department. 230 people – to be precise – take good care of clients. We also liked the fact that this customer staff provides their support in 3 languages – Italian, Spanish and English.
According to survey results the SiteGround releases every year, the rate of client satisfactory was more than 96 percent (2014, 2015 and 2016).
This result supports our experience – fantastic.

4. 30-Day money back guarantee
Even though SiteGround does not provide free trials, they provide a 30-day money back guarantee. What other security would you be searching for from a web hosting company?

This guarantee enabled us to have peace of mind knowing we were not fully committed to SiteGround. However, we had to comply with some conditions within the 30-days. Some of these conditions include:
• The guarantee did not cover renewal orders
• Both domain privacy (ID protect) and domain name fee were non-refundable
• We were required to post a service closure request via the User Area
• Reseller packages were covered only if we canceled the whole reseller package
. The money back guarantee does not cover third-party, paid support, cloud and dedicated hosting services Cons of SiteGround
Just as any other web host, SiteGround also has some flaws. These are:
1. “Setup Fee” for each month billing
When we were searching for a web host with the most affordable monthly setup fee, we noted something. Most hosting companies advertise low “monthly” fee. The problem is that you have to keep on signing up for at least 2 or three years for you to enjoy the offer.
Worse of, other hosting companies have false monthly options, with a year being the shortest.
However, with SiteGround, their pricing is straight to the point. They advertise a low price for only one year.
We were totally against the aspect of paying every month. But, huh, we got SiteGround on our back.
Why the monthly fee becomes a drawback is the fact that SiteGround offers a real monthly option. Though still a low advertised price, the company charges a setup fee of $14.95.
And you’ll not note this charge until the time you enter your card details. This alone is a hidden cost, which is annoying as the company doesn’t list it anywhere.

2. Small storage space
Besides the hidden monthly fee, the storage space for SiteGround is limited. However, the host company will guide you on the number of visitors to handle each month.
But since we were using the “StartUp” plan, the space provided was just more than adequate. Nonetheless, you can upgrade to a plan with more features whenever your site expands.
Our StartUp plan gave us web space of 10 GB. This alone is enough for 10,000 web visitors every month.
Should you need additional space, you can get the “GrowBig” plan and get 20 GB web space. This is enough to handle 25,000 visitors each month.
Alternatively, the SiteGround’s “GoGeek” plan has storage space of 30 GB. Take this plan if you expect website visitors of 100,000 monthly.

So, do we recommend SiteGround?
Of course, we do. If you are among those who care more about customer support, you would be interested in SiteGround. The hosting company has impressive uptime and instant page speeds.
In addition, they provide a variety of features that would be ideal if WordPress or eCommerce is your objective.
Compared to other website hosts with lower features, SiteGround’s pricing is on par. Therefore, don’t wait longer. Instead, take action and enjoy all the benefits of having a reputable web host. What else would be looking for?

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